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Clever Interiors Make the Most of Steep, Sloped Site in Japan

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We've seen tiny Japanese houses over bakeries, ones built of hulking concrete, and ones entirely without interior walls, but this sloped house in the city of Kobe is in a class all its own. Designed by local architect Tomohiro Hata, this 123-square-meter, corrugated metal-clad house (that's about 1300 square feet) in the city's Suwayama neighborhood hugs a steeply sloped site on the side of a hill.

Aptly named the "Re-Slope house," the residence, built for a young family, embraces the weirdness of its site, and its interiors comprise a series of rooms that occupy discrete, terrace-like spaces and step down from the roof to a combined living/dining room with an open floor plan.

The material palette inside is all whitewashed walls and plywood (for both ceilings, floors, partitions, and built-in storage throughout), which makes for bright, airy spaces that also happen to be, for better or worse, on trend. Outdoor roof terraces round out the spaces available for leisure at the house. Take a look.

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