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Tiny, Adorable British Bird House Takes Glamping Up a Notch

Set in the woods about three hours west of London, the Yurt Retreat offers simple, quaint lodging to visitors looking to capitalize on the regions' abundant outdoors and wildlife adventures. And while we've seen many gorgeous glamping sites here at Curbed Ski (and even a tipi!), we've never seen one in the shape of a birdhouse. Newly constructed in 2015 and costing about £100 per night, the Bird House clocks in at a tiny 322 square feet but offers loads of charm on stilts. Clad in cedar and sporting a gorgeous round window, the 2-person lodging features a large deck, vaulted ceilings, plenty of light, and a comfortable studio with equipped kitchen. Reclaimed wood, a handmade dining table, and a relatively spacious bathroom makes this the most lovely little birdhouse we've ever encountered.

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