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Splendid Modern Island House Snakes Around a Large Tree

Though this meandering modern abode, designed by Portuguese architect Pedro Mauricio Borges technically doesn't encircle a tree like some of the raddest treehouses, it's very much built around one. The 3,413-square-foot gable-roofed volume, strikingly red thanks to a tin roof finishing, starts parallel to a stone wall and then zig-zags a bit to wrap around a large tree, creating a central yard.

The main living and kitchen area, a glazed open-plan space, brings the tree inside both visually—with huge skylights— and materially—with warm timber ceilings. The yard, aptly furnished with a picnic table, not only benefits from natural shading, but also offers, past all those glass walls, views out to the northern coast of the São Miguel Island, part of Portugal's Autonomous Region of the Azores. What an entertaining paradise!

Check out ArchDaily for the full gallery.

Quinta da Tília / Pedro Mauricio Borges [ArchDaily]