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Owner of Ski Area Near Denver Files for Bankruptcy

The owner of Echo Mountain Resort, Nora Pykkonen, has filed for bankruptcy after being unable to repay the creditor who financed her original purchase of the ski area in 2012. Pykkonen bought Echo Mountain, the closest ski area to Denver, with the goal of turning it into a private, membership-only training ground for school-age ski racers. As the Denver Post reports, her plans changed after ski racing fees weren't enough to keep the resort fiscally viable. In 2015, Echo Mountain opened to the public and the ski area saw a huge increase in out-of-state, first-time skiers looking to take advantage of the 40-minute drive time from Denver. Since changing her game plan, Pykkonen says the ski area is much more profitable, but she still owes money to those who helped finance her purchase in 2012.

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