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See How Marisa Tomei's NYC Pad Mixes High & Low Decor

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Well this is quite nice: Actor Marisa Tomei, of My Cousin Vinny and A Different World (depending on who you ask) fame, recently opened the doors to her New York City home to shelter glossy Elle Decor and it's lovely. Mixing styles and price ranges—including a host of pieces purchased from Housing Works, eBay, Live Auctioneers, and other thrifty outlets Tomei enjoys crawling—Tomei worked with bicoastal interior designer Alexandra Hayden. The task at hand? Creating one new apartment from two adjacent ones and giving them a unified look that showcased Tomei's eclectic taste.

Hayden and Tomei made some major changes—including replacing existing brick fireboxes with marble mantels—as well as some more surface things, no less important, like "adding such finishing touches as lighting, wallpaper, and a tailored headboard for the bedroom," says Elle Decor.

Vintage pieces coexist happily with contemporary touches: In the kitchen, a circular Saarinen table and 1940s French garden chairs look right at home alongside the latest kitchen appliances.

Tomei mused on her love of vintage furniture, art, and objects. "It has to do with being an actress," she says. "What are the details of another person's life? What's the history of an object?"

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