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Joy Cho

The founder of blog empire Oh Joy! on finding her entrepreneurial spirit and growing into adulthood

Joy Cho of Oh Joy! in her studio
Joy Cho of Oh Joy! in her studio

What was the first apartment you had as an "adult"?

I lived in a 400-square-foot studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights which I lived in soon after graduating college. Half of my check check went to my rent, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This is back in 2001 when Brooklyn was up-and-coming but nowhere near what it is now. I just thought of it as where the Huxtables used to live! Since I came to New York after being college for four years, I was totally content living on my own. And after having four roommates in one big house, I was happy to have a place (even if tiny) to myself.

What was it like to move from New York to Philly to Los Angeles? Which place resonates most with you?

I love big cities, so each one is great in its own way. You can’t try and compare cities or try and find that "Brooklyn" neighborhood in Philly or a "Center City Philly" vibe in LA. New York is the perfect place to be when you’re young and want to be stimulated 24/7. Philly’s my hometown, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Plus, it’s the best food town, in my opinion. And LA, where I now live with my husband and two daughters, is where I’ve grown into my adulthood and parenthood. There is so much to do here year-round that it satiates both my love of food and culture as well as my need for sunshine!

Do you have a meaningful getaway location?

My bed…to sleep!

Oh Joy! Joy Cho living room
Oh Joy! Joy Cho dining room
Oh Joy! Joy Cho kitchen
Oh Joy! Joy Cho decor details

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