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Kara Swisher

Media and tech mafioso Kara Swisher opens up about her love of houses and obsession with real estate

Source photo courtesy of Kara Swisher

Re/code co-founder Kara Swisher isn't one to mince words: She's known in technology and media circles for her ability to get right to the heart of the matter, whether a Silicon Valley merger or a major scoop on burgeoning VC investment. But there's a homier side to the person New York magazine called "Silicon Valley's most feared and well-liked journalist": Swisher has been buying and renovating houses since she was a teenager. A house obsessive with a home base in San Francisco, Swisher is self-professed to be "old school" in her architectural taste and confesses a growing desire to own property in a new domain: Charleston, South Carolina.

About her peripatetic viewpoint on home ownership, Swisher says, "You can tear anything down and build it again—I was never scared of tearing walls down. Architects like me; I’m open to different things. It’s a bit like journalism. I always have a new idea." For more Swisher-certified quips, listen to the entire interview in the format she does best—audio—and tune in March 10 for the entire first episode of Curbed's new podcast.

For Home Sweet Home, Curbed talked to 30 engaging personalities across a range of industries to learn about where they grew up and what home means to them. Follow Kara Swisher on Twitter.

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