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Pat Kiernan

The NY1 anchor remembers his first apartment in New York City

Twenty years ago, Pat Kiernan moved to New York City from his native Canada to begin working for Time Warner. Not long after, he became the morning news anchor on NY1, a position he's held ever since.

His move to New York is a familiar story for any new, green arrival in this city—a week to find a place, frantically searching classified ads, competing for the apartment, signing a lease without seeing the apartment (don't worry, his wife saw it)—€”but the city is now most definitely home for Kiernan. He's started a family here, and he even ditched Manhattan's Upper West Side for—gasp—a townhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For Home Sweet Home, Curbed talked to 26 engaging personalities across a range of industries to learn about where they grew up and what home means to them. Follow Pat Kiernan on Twitter and watch him on NY1 on weekdays from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

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