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Jenna Wortham

The New York Times Magazine staff writer on why gardens and green space make her feel most at home

Jenna Wortham, as a technology reporter and staff writer for The New York Times Magazine (Beyoncé is a fan), spends a lot of time with screens. When she’s looking for a moment of serenity away from software and the buzz of New York City, Wortham heads for the nearest garden.

Often, this is her own backyard in Ridgewood, Queens, where her landlords grow beans and tomatoes, and where Wortham hosts friends throughout the summer. Gardens take Wortham back to her roots: Her maternal grandmother canned vegetables, one of her great-aunts was an herbalist, and growing up in Alexandria, Virginia, Wortham and her mother would pick vegetables from the garden for dinner.

She met Curbed at Wave Hill, a public garden and cultural center in the Bronx.

For Home Sweet Home, Curbed talked to 30 engaging personalities across a range of industries to learn about where they grew up and what home means to them. Follow Jenna Wortham on Twitter.

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