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Sophie Elgort

The fashion photographer on how her childhood on Manhattan's Upper West Side and her family's love of photos influence her style

Photographer Sophie Elgort earns a living shooting for fashion editorial clients, but the apartment she shares with her husband in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood is lowkey—and a work in progress.

She’s patient: Rather than fill it in one fell swoop with showroom finds, she’s building it out one piece at a time, with scores from travels abroad and small gifts from friends and family, like her father, renowned fashion photographer Arthur Elgort, and brother, actor Ansel Elgort.

Curbed talked to Sophie about her home life as kid, how her parents’ work influenced her tastes, and why travel is the best way to keep things fresh.

For Home Sweet Home, Curbed talked to 30 engaging personalities across a range of industries to learn about where they grew up and what home means to them. Follow Sophie Elgort on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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Video Production by: Sarah Bishop, Ben Carey, Sara Intrator, Sara Masetti, Max Mellman, Anthony Morgan, Danush Parvaneh, Mark Olsen, Ryan Simmons