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Somebody Invented a Box You Can Put Your Phone In

That's pretty much it

This seems like a whole lot of work for a joke product, so we're just going to assume that the Hiatus Box is real. The Hiatus Box is a box with a timer, in which you can put your phone. Or anything, we guess, but it's meant for your phone, the idea being that when your phone is in the box, you can't use it. Does the box lock? No, it does not. How much money is this thing trying to raise? $10,000. How much does it have so far? Improbably, an entire $947. Still not convinced that you need one of these things? Then watch the promo video, where the spokesperson says that, "Just the other day I read an article that said that 75 percent of women think that smartphones are destroying their relationships. That's a fact." And while it's unclear whether the fact is the statistic (doubtful) or that he "read an article" (less doubtful, but still doubtful) it really...uh...sorry, we got a text message...

The Hiatus Box | Bringing Back REAL Facetime [Kickstarter]