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Sexy Brazilian Modern House With Killer Views Asks $11.5M

Melding architecture and the landscape into one

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Price: $11,500,000

In a small valley in Brazil's Mantiqueira Mountains, São Paulo-based firm FGMF Arquitetos built the Grid House, a sprawling home that seeks to meld the architecture and breathtaking landscape into one. As its name suggests, the 2007-built home is constructed on a wooden grid set on concrete pillars, with some modules enclosed to become living spaces while others are left open to make way for covered walkways trees. The main residential module contains the living, dining, kitchen areas, a master suite and a guest room, while three separate modules, elsewhere on the grid, contain two bedrooms each.

With glass walls on all sides and beamed walkways connecting the compound, the Grid House is a indoor-outside dream. Even cooler though is the fact that the grid structure can be navigated from above—where there's a roof garden—and below, where there are shaded paths weaving through natural stones and pools of water.