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Angular Concrete House Surprises with Airy Interiors

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If this doesn't convince you concrete can be warm and welcoming, nothing will

Our love of concrete—when done right—is boundless and this house only fans those flames. Designed by Argentina firm Alric Galindez Arquitectos, the residence, dubbed Casa L, is all angled planes, and includes an angled, timber-paneled front door and angular foyer.

To balance the ruggedness of the board-formed-concrete structure, wood accents abound inside: flooring, in-wall shelving, and more throughout the home are made of timber. It helps, too, that skylights and clerestory windows wash the interiors with sunlight.

Though the front facade is window-free, the rear has the boxy modern profile we've come to expect from architect-designed houses in 2016. That isn't to say it's run-of-the-mill: On the back of the house, the upper story floats above the lower one, and is supported by thin concrete columns. The overhang created a wide, deep terrace adjacent to the lush backyard. Take a look.

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