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Mountain High Closes Due to Lack of Snow

The ski area hopes to reopen March 11

In a year when a record-breaking El Niño was supposed to blanket southern California with moisture, ski areas weren't expecting to have to close early. But that's exactly what has happened to Mountain High, a ski area located about 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Earlier in the winter, storms brought plentiful snow to Mountain High, but a dry February has taken its toll. A statement on Facebook from February 29 tells skiers and snowboarders, "We're going to remain closed today due to the warm weather but expect to reopen around March 11th with new snow. Remember, a stormy March is somewhat typical of El Ninos and the long-range weather forecast shows a change towards a more active pattern so keep your fingers crossed. And keep your tickets! They are still valid should we reopen so don't let them go to waste."

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