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Modern Tennessee Home Offers High Style on a Low Budget

It's got a simple charm we dig

There's something to be said for the power of a simple design solution. A well-crafted home doesn't have to be flashy (though we definitely don't mind a little flash); it just needs to accommodate the needs of its inhabitants.

For a couple with three kids in rural Munford, Tennessee, Memphis studio Designshop created this two-story grey-brick house, which is clad on its second level with metal panels made of an aluminum-zinc alloy, according to Dezeen. Protruding window boxes on the second level give the facade a graphic treatment and provide a pop of color on an otherwise neutral material palette: the inside frames of each window are painted a bright orange.

Clocking in at 2,940 square feet, the House for Five, as it's aptly named, was built for a family that "wanted an abode well-suited to their contemporary lifestyle," Designshop told Dezeen, and one that would accommodate a modest budget. Inside, this means bright open-plan spaces that get lots of natural light and spaces to gather for meals, conversation, and relaxing. Though the interior floors are concrete, wood accents—wall panels, custom cabinetry, and the stairs and balustrade that lead to the second-level bed- and bathrooms—warm things up.

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