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This Is Our New Favorite Home Theater Ever

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It is also the classiest

The past week has been a good one for fun home theaters. First we had the Frodo one, and now there is this one in a $3.3 million Ostego, Michigan equestrian estate. There isn't one thing that makes it so great, but rather a multitude of them. For instance, the enormous ceiling insignia that looks like a door to a secret experimentation lab in the X-Men mansion. Also, the wall mural. And the columns, of course. Our favorite thing, though, might just be that three-link velvet rope. And it all just comes together into one classy package. For some reason, we feel like the only movie you're allowed to watch in here is Spartacus or something like that.

2401 108th Ave,Otsego, MI 49078 [Zillow]