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The Curbed Appeal: Episode 1 With Guest Daniel Libeskind

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Welcome to Curbed's first-ever podcast

You've probably spent a lot of time absorbing Curbed via your eyes, but very little time absorbing it via your ears. But now all that is about to change, with the official launch of Curbed's new podcast The Curbed Appeal. It's an appeal to reason, an appeal to emotion, and also a pun on the phrase "curb appeal."

More importantly, it's a podcast for people who live places.

Our first episode features guest Daniel Libeskind, the architect famous for master planning the new World Trade Center site in New York City, designing the Jewish Museum in Berlin, and many more projects. We talk to him about how he became an architect, his design philosophy, and his take on some of the controversies that have adhered themselves to his work.

For new episodes, check back here, on iTunes, or on SoundCloud every Thursday at 11 a.m.!

The Curbed Appeal: Daniel Libeskind [iTunes]

The Curbed Appeal: Daniel Libeskind [SoundCloud]