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Attention Wealthy Eccentrics: Buy This Basket-Shaped Building

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The Longaberger Basket Building is in trouble, and somebody has got to save it

The Longaberger Company headquarters in Newark, Ohio was opened in 1997, at the behest of company founder Dave Longaberger. That was back in the salad days, though, before the ants ate the salad and ruined the picnic. Now the company is in dire financial straits and last month announced that its remaining employees would be moved out of the Basket Building, on which it owes approximately $570,000 in back taxes. City Lab writes:

JRJR is eager to shed itself of the big basket, but that may not be easy. What non-basket-related company will want a giant basket to be the face of their company? Are there enough well-off eccentrics in or visiting Newark to convert it into market-rate apartments or a boutique hotel?

That's where you come in, all of our readers who are well-off eccentrics (we're assuming that's most of you). Somebody buy this giant basket-shaped building already. It's too good to fall into disrepair.

Can This Ohio Town Save Its Giant Basket Building? [City Lab]