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Concrete House With Sculptural Gable Makes the Most of a Compact Site

More innovative housing in über-dense Tokyo

Japan's legendary density has spawned innovative residential designs of all sorts aimed at helping make the most of cramped lots.

This compact house, clocking in at 190 square meters (about 2,045 square feet) in a suburb of Tokyo, features an exaggerated, asymmetric gable clad in metal panels that's meant to help bring sunlight into interior spaces by literally leaning away from its neighbors. Designed by local firm Studio KIAS, the "U House" rises two stories on a rugged concrete base, with common areas arranged on the first level and bedrooms and baths above.

A double-height combined living and dining room looks right up into the house's dramatic gable, with skylights bringing sunlight in and whitewashed walls helping to keep things bright. The upper floor accommodates the master bedroom, which has views into a private garden that also benefits from the house's unusual profile (more sunlight!), and a guest room with a private terrace.

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