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Ikea's Indoor Gardening Kit to Give Apartment Dwellers a Green Thumb

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It's the latest from the Swedish powerhouse

Just in time for spring, which officially arrives on March 20th, Ikea has unveiled an indoor gardening kit that seems perfect for outdoor space-starved city dwellers.

The kit—called, in true Ikea fashion, KRYDDA/VÄXER—is a hydroponic system for growing herbs and greens, no soil needed. Instead, it comes with absorbent plugs that the user soaks in water and then uses as a soil alternative for starting seeds (the seed sits atop the plug). Once the seedlings have sprouted, you simply replant them in the crushed pumice that comes with the kit and move to a second tray that includes a solar lamp, which allows the sprouts to grow 24 hours a day, should you choose.

For traditionalists who prefer real, grade-A sunlight, you can perch your tray of seedlings in a window sill for growing the old-fashioned way, too. And, in a stroke of typical Scandi design genius, the tray comes with a water-level sensor to help protect against over hydrating your sprouts.

Give it a bit of time and you'll have your very own mini garden growing right in your apartment.

Update: For now, the units are only available in the United Kingdom, with rollout expected in the U.S. in spring 2017.

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