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Stunning Modern Home, a 'Portal to the Landscape,' Asks $1.8M

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Featuring a soaring double-height living room and expansive second-floor terrace

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Price: $1,795,000

Home to a fantastical half Gaudí, half Hobbit-inspired mushroom house, the Washington D.C. suburb of Bethesda, MD also has its share of striking modern homes, many of which are the work of prominent local architect David Jameson. This sculptural design, conceived as a "portal to the landscape" of woodland and Potomac River views, is an elegant contrast of open and closed, heavy and light.

Constructed of weathering steel, stucco, burned wood, and glass, the 3,855-square-foot house creates neat living spaces that blur the line between the interiors and the outdoors. The four-bedroom home features an open-plan ground level with a hand-forged floating staircase and chef's kitchen with fire larch cabinetry. The highlight, of course, is the glassy double-height living area that connects to the expansive second level covered terrace.