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Blinds vs. Curtains: Which Side Are You On?

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The battle of popular window treatments


When it comes to window treatments, the options largely fall into two camps: blinds and curtains. As with most home decor decisions, choosing between them is a matter of personal preference and specifics of the room in question. After all, there are certainly pros and cons to both. While blinds tend to be more affordable and precise in light control, curtains can add instant style and cozy textures to a space. (Blinds are also easier to clean, technically, but that just means they must be cleaned more often—though that means they're cleaner at any given moment than curtains...ideally)

Anyway! Nuanced advantages and drawbacks aside, a few conversations I've had recently suggest that this innocuous question of blinds vs. curtains may be a PC vs. Mac-level debate, with folks adamantly clinging on one side or the other. Below, a few pictorial demonstrations of each option:


Yesterday in ✨Charleston.✨ Photo by @kelseykeith.

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Major dream boat bedroom moment courtesy of @paige_morse in #dspattern

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What say you, Curbed readers? Does it really depend on the home (or room), or are you fiercely loyal to one of them? Or are you insistent on using both or none at all? What rules do you play by in the game of blinds vs. curtains? Holler in the comments below.