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DIY Furniture System UX4 Wants to Help You Build Your Own Desk

Could this reusable bracket system be the next Floyd Leg?

First, there was the clamp, and now, there’s the bracket. Following in the wake of the successful Floyd Leg, a set of clamps that offers a quick and easy way to create DIY furniture, the UX4 System, designed by Encinitas, California-based company Swenyo, offers a new means to make your own tables and desks. A simple set of steel brackets that just launched on Kickstarter, the UX4 system provides a direct-mount system for building furniture, available in a variety of colors. Drop $75 on a set of four brackets and mounting software, secure a surface and a set of 2X4s for table legs, and you’re set. The crowdfunding campaign, which launched today, includes options with pre-cut 2x4s, if you want to take some of the "do" out of DIY.

"It’s pretty minimalist, but can be as complex as you want," says Swenyo President and CEO Ricardo Carmago, who started the direct-to-consumer ecommerce brand last year. "We wanted to offer something akin to Blue Apron, where everything you need gets shipped to your home."

Created by Ben Uyeda, the designer behind HomeMade Modern, Swenyo’s new product emphasizes the company’s focus on customizable products for small-space living. Carmago believes the kit, which is cheaper than a set from Floyd, offers reusability and flexibility ideal for homes and small businesses (he suggested the UX4 would be a great fit for coworking of flexible office space or a pop-up restaurant).