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Dreamy Bar With Vintage Appeal Converted From '40s Spanish House

It's supposed to feel like a low-key party at Grandma's

To take a quick break from impressive converted homes, here's a rad example of a home that's been converted into somethin' else. Located in Conil de la Frontera, a coastal town on the southern tip of Spain, the ground floor of a traditional 1940s house has been transformed into a fun, intimate bar by Spanish firm Baum Architecture.

"Transform" is a bit of a strong word, here, though, because the structure remains unchanged and the space largely retains its covetable collection of vintage furniture, as well as original architectural details like extensive tiled flooring. Aiming for a "secret party at grandma's" feel, the bar also flaunts donated book, film, and radio collections, dreamy neon lighting, and a wall of "wood pixels" for optimal acoustics. See the whole gallery on AD España.