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Deion Sanders' Former Mansion Asks $12.75M, Includes Indoor Football Field

It's the ultimate athlete mansion

Marshawn Lynch may have won our bracket determining the most lavish NFL player mansion, but he's lucky that Deion Sanders is retired and also doesn't own this Prosper, Texas mansion anymore, because, holy crap, look at this place. When you imagine a very wealthy athlete's insane mansion, this is exactly what you picture, multiplied by itself. In addition to the vast expanses of marble flooring, soaring ceilings, and many twisting columns, the house features a legitimately very impressive entertainment wing with a bowling alley, theater, barber shop (sure), pool table, basketball court, sauna, and some sort of indoor football field. The house just went back on the market for $12.75 million after being purchased in 2014.

1280 N Preston Rd,Prosper, TX 75078 [Zillow]