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Sexy Concrete Summer House Comes Ready With Rooftop Pool


Another day, another fabulous concrete house...but this one along the Argentinian coast has something to set it apart: a sublime rooftop pool. Designed by local architect Luciano Kruk as his own vacation home, the 1,700-square-foot Casa L4 comes after a series of concrete summer homes Kruk's studio has created in the forested Costa Esmeralda, located 240 miles south of Buenos Aires.

With four bedrooms positioned in the four corners of the plan, the house is centered on a breezy main living area bisected by a cast concrete staircase. While glass walls on two sides of the structure bring in views of the pine-filled landscape, the other two sides benefit from shading via a concrete overhang. And over on the roof, the twin pools come with a sun deck and outdoor shower. Head to Dezeen for the complete gallery.