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Renovation Transforms Carriage House Into Light-Filled Live-Work Space

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This one's for you, gable lovers

Aptly named British firm Intervention Architecture converted this Victorian-era carriage house in Birmingham, England, into a writer's cozy live-work space. The adorable gabled structure had fallen into disrepair, but gets new life in this update, which transforms the two-story home into a light-filled, largely open-plan dwelling.

Behind the brick, black-accented exterior—rehabbed with bricks salvaged from nearby demolition work—an arched window on the facade, above the former garage door, and a skylight illuminate the interiors. A mezzanine-level study overlooks it all, providing a perch from which to survey the living room below.

Intervention Architecture extended the back of the carriage house, making space for the gleaming, tiled kitchen, from which the client can access the rear yard via sliding glass doors. The second level also accommodates the simple, loft-like sleeping quarters, which are tucked right under the gabled roof.

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