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Daredevil Modern House Tilts at 70-Degree Angle

It has the panache of a Bond villain's lair

No, it's not your eyes. This house in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, aptly named "Rumah Miring"—which translates to "Slanted House"—was built with a steel frame tilting at a 70-degree angle toward the street below and encases an eminently more livable, flat-planed home inside. Its neighborhood, Pondok Indah, is, according to Designboom, an upscale one where citizens are commissioning homes with serious architectural panache in an effort to convey their wealth. It's working.

This three-story dwelling, designed by local firm Budi Pradano Architects, is rather lavish, to say the least, and takes advantage of Indonesia's warm climate with soaring spaces that open right up to the outdoors. A ground-level space for entertaining include a double-height kitchen—beside an indoor swimming pool, natch. A metal-mesh staircase connects all three of the house's floors, leading from the pool deck on the first floor to the bedrooms and baths above and a guest room and lounge on the top level.

A 172-square foot (16 square meter) bathroom on the second level is all hard angles and surfaces, including marble (countertops), steel (cabinets), and concrete (floors). The master bedroom, on the same floor, features a private, planted terrace.

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