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House Music: Beautiful Video Shot at Philip Johnson’s New Canaan Masterpiece

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Enveloped by nature, the Glass House offers a unique space for ambient artist Julianna Barwick's music

When composer and ambient musician Julianna Barwick was looking for a suitable site to film a video for her moody, moving new song "Nubula," a certain midcentury masterpiece proved to be a fitting location. Shot at Philip Johnson's landmark Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut (1949), the video, which took advantage of the home's unique facade and immersed-in-nature setting, offered a fitting visual compliment to Barwick's beautiful, haunting music, composed of loops and treated vocals.

This is far from the first time this unique setting has been used as a music venue. Musician Glasser also filmed a video here, and Barwick's previous performance was part of the Night Sounds concert series. Other musicians have participated in the multi-genre Glass House Presents event series at the landmark property.