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Here's Everything You Should Know About Going to Architecture School

This letter could save you the trouble of actually going

Writer Eva Hagberg Fisher just published "A Letter to Prospective Architecture School Parents" over at Common Edge, a relatively new architecture and design website. The piece is ostensibly directed at parents of architecture students, but also works as a primer for anybody thinking about taking that path. It's also very funny. An excerpt:

This is when your child will come home for Christmas break and point out to you all the flaws in your own home. "Do you see the alienation that having the master bedroom at the end of the hallway creates? Do you see how this apartment complex is indicative of the depersonalization of the individual self? Are we going back to the Middle Ages and everyone sleeps in the same bed but just whenever they want because there’s no bedtime and everyone has two sleeps?"

A Letter to Prospective Architecture School Parents [Common Edge]