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H&M's New Taiwan HQ is Uber-Sleek in Wood and Concrete

Unlike its stores, no shiny, mirrored surfaces here

When you think of the decor inside a fast-fashion hotspot like Sweden-based retail powerhouse H&M, you likely think bright, white lights, sleek surfacing (on floors and walls), and metal racks as far as the eye can see. But you won't find those hallmarks of the brand's brick-and-mortar presence in its Taiwan office.

Local firm JC Architecture instead created a workspace with buffed-concrete floors and wood accents—like the prominent, irregular arches that demarcate central common areas from individual offices along the perimeter of the space. Because two teams take up residence in the space (finance and logistics), the firm masterminded an office that helps them operate side by side, while also providing discrete spaces for their respective work.

Some of this delineation is a matter of smart, simple design moves: different areas in the office with different functions have varied flooring, for example: the poured-concrete floors in the communal areas meet neutral-hued carpet tile in workspaces.

The office also has its own terrace, which features sculptural seating and views out over the city.

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