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New Boutique Hotel Spotlights Designer Mirrors, Door Pulls, and More

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The collection will be available for purchase in April

Well this is lovely: For Autor Rooms—a sleek Polish boutique hotel opening this April marketing itself as a "Place to stay in Warsaw," local designer Maria Jeglinska created a line of eight objets for each of the inn's rooms that includes a carafe, a set of glasses, a tray, a shelf, a wall-mounted mirror, and even door pulls. The goal, says Jeglinska, who opened her Office for Design and Research in 2010, was to create "small tactile and visual pleasures for the mind and body."

The objects—each made, alternately, of glass, wood (oak and ash), and copper—are elegant and seem thoughtfully considered without being over-designed. "For each of the objects," Jeglinska wrote, in a release, "I tried to imagine people's arrival at [the hotel] and how they would relate to the space."

View the full collection below and take a look at more of Jeglinska's work on Instagram. And, if you can't make it to Poland, the pieces will be available for purchase online after April.

Maria Jeglinska [Office for Design and Research]