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Ikea's New Brazil-Inspired Collection Is Delightfully Pattern-Crazy

Products range from larger pieces of furniture to small accessories

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Two incredible design cultures have just come together in Ikea's latest limited edition collection, TILLFÄLLE. Launching March 20 in the U.S., the new line contains an explosion of vivacious colors and patterns inspired by Brazil and tempered by Swedish minimalism. It's all quite an eyeful, but fortunately, the pieces range from large pieces of furniture (like a color-blocked cabinet or cart-like table) to smaller accessories (like a salt and pepper shaker or glazed plate), so you can easily choose just how much Brazilian flavor you'd want to bring into your home.

In TILLFÄLLE, the melding of Brazilian and Swedish sensibilities isn't just limited to shapes and patterns. For one, materials native to Brazil—beech wood, eucalyptus wood, mango wood—were used extensively in the collection. Additionally, something like the striking black block candle holders adopt a more Brazilian design, but are quite Swedish in spirit as well (because we know the perfect Scandi home is all about candles, candles, and more candles!) Take a closer look at the product offerings, below.