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Secluded Seaside Retreat is a True Escape in Middle Earth

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It sits along the eastern coast of New Zealand

If you have the means and truly want to "get away from it all," we suppose there's no better place than a house on a private beach hidden in the hills on a remote peninsula in New Zealand. Enter this gorgeous, rugged house, aptly named Seascape Retreat, is the work of Auckland firm Pattersons.

The architects describe the dwelling, which nestles on the rocky coastline of the south island's Banks Peninsula, as a "romantic beachside cottage," which undersells it a bit. The single-story home—composed of glass, steel, poured-in-place concrete, and locally quarried rock—is a fresh, contemporary take on the traditional house by the sea, more lair than lodge.

The house, designed as a "honeymoon retreat for paying guests" (you can find out more here) is really just three rooms: an entry, a combined living and bedroom, and a bathroom, so you better really like the person you're sharing the space with. A roof planted with grasses from the surrounding site helps the house blend in even further.

This super secluded seaside home was built where the world won’t find you [Contemporist]