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Rammed-Earth Vineyard House is Sublime in All-White

It's all very Zen

Though the all-white interior is fervently discussed at Curbed HQ and by our readers (loved? loathed?), there are exceptional examples of snow-white spaces that can still be sources of inspiration. To wit: This rammed-earth house in a vineyard in Montijo, Portugal, in the metro area around Lisbon, the Portuguese capital.

Designed by Lisbon-based studio Blaanc, the single-story Casa de Vinha (or "House of Wine") nestles at the center of an expansive plot, clocking in at 319 square meters (about 3,430 square feet). The rammed-earth walls, the architects say, helps keep the largely open-plan interiors cool and provides a bit of acoustic dampening despite the unpartitioned spaces.

In addition to the main living quarters, there are two additional structures on the land that accommodate a guest bed and bath, an office, and six suites—which, we presume, are for the use of extra staff in harvest season.

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