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Do You Love Minimalism? Then Why Not Have Boxes of Random Stuff Mailed to Your House?

It may sound like parody, but it's not

The subscription box service trend exists for people who like stuff. There are different ones for different types of stuff—makeup, clothes, dog toys, etc.—but mainly it's about the stuff. Getting it, having it, and then getting more of it. So how are people who love minimalism, a concept that, until today, we thought was somewhat at odds with the concept of stuff, supposed to participate in this trend? Apparently, by getting mailed a box of stuff slightly less frequently than the people who subscribe to the other subscription boxes. This may sound like parody, but apparently it's real. There is now a subscription box service for minimalists. Next up, probably: a subscription box for subscription boxes.

A Subscription Box For People Who Want Less Stuff And Better Design [Co. Design]