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Solar-Powered Retro Camper Offers Sustainable Tiny Living on Wheels

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Homegrown Trailers' first prototype can sleep four and go off-grid

Thanks to factors like a recovering economy, dropping gas prices, and a thriving tiny living ethos, travel trailers, whether it's luxury Airstreams or vintage campers, are seeing a rebound in popularity. Now, a new company called Homegrown Trailers is capitalizing on this demand with promise of RVs that combine retro good looks with serious eco-friendly cred.

The Seattle-based company's first prototype is a roughly 90-square-foot teardrop trailer that can sleep up to four people in a queen bed and two twin bunks. The camper, built with non-toxic, renewable materials like sustainably-harvested cork and bamboo, comes fitted with a micro kitchen with a induction cooktop and mini fridge, composting toilet, efficient LED lights and Energy Star appliances, and 400-watt solar panels that allow off-the-grid living.

Homegrown Trailers plans to make these RVs available for rent and purchase. The company just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, aiming to raise up to $350,000 to go towards producing the first batch of trailers. Pledge options offer an idea of the pricing: $545 will get you a three-night rental package and $27,595 can get one delivered to you by the end of 2016.

Here's the video demo: