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The All-White Interior: Timeless or Tired?

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When it comes to white decor, just how much is too much?

If you've been looking to Pinterest or Instagram for home renovation ideas, there's one trend that you have likely been coming across a lot lately: the all-white everything look. White, or one of its thousands of variations, is an easy choice for walls, as it's simply a non-offensive and timeless look. However, many rehabbers and apartment dwellers are covering entire spaces—be it a bedroom, bathroom, or living room—in white, from floor to ceiling.

Sure, white is elegant and simple, but what happens when old architectural details are whitewashed over? Plaster ceiling medallions and beautiful old oak and maple millwork doors, built-ins, and window frames everywhere are being painted over to achieve the minimalist look that has taken the design world by storm. And what happens when little accidents, spills, or pets stain your white furniture? Is the all-white everything trend truly a timeless decor choice, or is it just too much of a good thing? Weigh in!

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