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Big Cocoon-Like Bedroom Pod Lives in Even Bigger Warehouse Home

A "mancave" unlike any other

The converted warehouse residence of John Winning, founder and CEO of Aussie appliance retailer AppliancesOnline, is truly one-of-a-kind, in large part because of the custom cloud-or-molar-tooth-or-Ditto-the-Pokémon-like pod at the center of the home. A "mancave" unlike any other, the undulating white volume was conceived by Peter Ireland of local firm Allen Jack & Cottier Architects and was, according to The Design Files, made using fiberglass boat-building technology. It's also got a door modeled after an airplane hatch, bespoke leather flooring, and a minimalist bedroom and bathroom.

To be expected from the home of an appliances business CEO, the sprawling (we're talking 11,840 square feet!) property has a pretty fancy kitchen outfitted in fixtures by Sub Zero, Wolf, and Miele, gold electroplate panels, and Italian mirror glazed tile as backsplash. The sun-drenched pad also features an indoor pool, garden, and several guest bedrooms. Take the full tour on The Design Files.