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Someday We Will All Travel Via Floating Hamster Wheel

It's the way of the future

People spend a good amount of time curiously wondering how they will get places in the future. Will it be in floating cars? Rocket packs? Hyperloops? Very dangerous superjets? Well, wonder no more, because the transportation of the future is here: you only have to take one look at this floating hamster wheel, officially known as a "zorb," that British TV presenter Lindsay Russell attempted to pilot across the Irish Sea (for charity), to know that it is the transportation device of the future. The fact that Russell didn't make it (she was forced to abandon ship zorb due to weather conditions) means nothing—the Wright Brothers' first flight probably didn't go so great either.

A Woman Tried Running Across the Irish Sea in a Giant Plastic Hamster Wheel for Charity [My Modern Met]