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Bentley Wants Cities to Have Special Lanes For Rich People

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Actually, it just wants its cars to be able to move poor peoples' cars out of the way

Luxury car company Bentley, technology giant that it is, is apparently working on a self-driving car with a hologram butler, even though, as the company's head of design, Stefan Sielaff, recently joked, Bentley has already invented the self-driving car because Bentley owners "had chauffeurs for nearly 100 years." Ha ha ha! What a good and endearing joke. But is there any way that Sielaff could make this concept even more endearing?

"Large sections of the human population will be living in megacities in the next 10 to 20 years, which will lead to congestion" Sielaff told Dezeen. "This will only be overcome by autonomous or part-autonomous cars."

So far so good... Recognizing a potential future infrastructure problem, intimating that you're working on a solution... Maybe we should just stop th—

"For us of course the question is how a luxury experience is going to happen in such an environment," he continued. "Maybe the Bentley customer of the future is sitting in his autonomous Bentley but he paid for a fast lane on top."

Yeesh. That's not really cool. But then again, if Bentley is paying to build a whole separate road for its costumers then we can't really—

"You could perhaps be in a Bentley club where you pay for fast-lane access," explained Sielaff. "Therefore other cars are moving out of the way and the Bentley is passing by. This could be a part of the luxury package."

Oh. Right. As one Dezeen commenter so succinctly put it, "The day my car is autonomously moved out the way for a Bentley is the day I add a bazooka to its roof."

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