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After a Century of Rectangular Cereal Boxes, This New Box Could Change the Game

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Isn't it time for a new cereal box?

Students at MIT Institute of Design India created this new, wheel-shaped design for cereal boxes, which, now that they mention it, haven't really been updated since they were introduced in...*quick Googling*...the late 19th century. And while the rectangular cereal box might have been a great invention for those 1879 families who were mostly just concerned with eating food that did not make them instantly sick, now in 2016, we need a box that allows us to pour cleanly with no spills, and also offers a fun little window to look at the cereal through, and also has a spout that resembles the beak of a toucan, which is only really relevant when the cereal inside is Froot Loops, but still.

Clever Cereal Box Redesign Concept Is More Convenient To Use, Reduces Spills [Design Taxi]