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Which Old-School Home Decor Trends Are Due for a Comeback?

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Conversation pits? Breakfast nooks? Let us know!

After months of debating current home design trends that we think might benefit from taking a backseat—reclaimed wood, exposed brick, farmhouse sinks, decorative books, you name it!—it's time to do something more fun and more conducive to warm fuzzies. Yep, let's talk about interior trends of bygone eras that are ripe for a comeback. Our nominations? How about these grand blasts from the past...

Conversation Pits

Breakfast nooks

Colorful Appliances

You've got to love a pink fridge! ( : @granddesignsnz)

A photo posted by @oftheworldbooks on

Chintz, toile, and other fancy patterns

As radical as the open floor plan or all-white interior may come off in recent years, it almost feels like the bold gestures above would be the boundary-pushing ideas today. But hey, that's why trends come back, right? So what do you think? Which popular home decor ideas of the past would you revive if you could? Let us know in the poll and comments below.