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This 'Floating' Tiny Prefab Home Was Inspired By Minimalist Artists

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Not your average micro home

New from Portuguese prefab master MIMA Lab: a super glossy, minimalist tiny dwelling that seems to levitate off the ground thanks to wraparound mirrors at the base of the home. The sculptural MIMA Light design, inspired by the sleek work of artists like Donald Judd and John McCracken, is the smallest and easiest to assemble of MIMA's prefab offerings. The two versions—one measuring 30 feet long, the other 40 feet long—both contain a kitchenette and bathroom, along with open living, dining, and sleeping areas all clad in pinewood. So far, these MIMA dwellings are only distributing in the European Union and pricing will depend on whether the unit will come finished. Looking for more U.S.-friendly prefab options? Here are some ideas.