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Modular Lamps Make Switching on the Light Interactive

It's the latest in a trend toward interactive modern lighting

Lighting designers are having a moment. In August, we brought you the story of Node, a series of sculptural metal lamps illuminated when users connect its rotating metal parts like a real-life game of Monument Valley. Meanwhile, an ever-greater number of innovative shapes and materials are finding their way into designs from Brooklyn to the Netherlands.

Now, from Mexico City-based multidisciplinary design firm Esrawe, founded by industrial designer Héctor Esrawe, comes a collection of wood and brass modular lights, called Vari, launched last month at the capital city's Zona Maco Art Fair.

Made as part of a collection of home goods and furnishings debuted at the show called Prima Materia, the lighting collection comprises a quartet of options: Vari 1, a tall walnut floor lamp on a cylindrical brass base; Vari 2, a walnut table lamp with a round brass fulcrum on one end; Vari 3, a rectangular piece of walnut on a brass stand operated via a circular metal slider that controls the level of illumination; and Vari 4, a touch-activated walnut lamp set on a bent brass base. Take a look.

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