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Decorating With Plants: 6 Ceramicists to Know This Spring

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Beautiful pots and vases for your plant friends

Though it doesn't feel like spring has truly sprung in many parts of the U.S. (snow was a common sight in the northeast on the Vernal Equinox), the calendar doesn't lie: Spring is officially here and warmer weather is sure to follow.

With spring's arrival come foliage dreams and flower fantasies. To help you shake the ice off your green thumb, we've rounded up some of the latest, most colorful, innovative, and fun options when it comes to ceramic vessels for all your greenery. Take a look.

1. Tactile Matter, Kenesha Sneed

Yaass thank ya'll @designsponge for all the lovin today -- Find the full studio tour via! : by the coolest @jonpauldouglass

A photo posted by T ▲ C T I L E M ▲ T T E R (@tactilematter) on

Sunday spring glazing

A photo posted by T ▲ C T I L E M ▲ T T E R (@tactilematter) on

We've been big fans of the Los Angeles-based Sneed's work for some time: her elegant, flecked pottery features geometric shapes and playful squiggles in an earthy, southwestern color palette.

2. Tortus Copenhagen, Eric Landon

Visiting Copenhagen during the Easter break. We will be open next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. So pay us a visit!

A photo posted by Tortus Copenhagen (@tortus_copenhagen) on

Landon, a Denmark-based, American-born potter, whose work features the clean-lined beauty of Scandinavian design—with a bit of bite added by novel forms and color field-style glazing—has a massive social media following (231,000 followers on Instagram and counting). Though we suspect this is for reasons outside of the stellar work itself (has anyone else here seen Ghost?), his vases, pots, and other various vitrines speak for themselves.

3. Atelier Bingo, Max and Adèle Donut

Ceramic family

A photo posted by atelier bingo. (@atelier_bingo) on

2 years ago⌚Team atelier bingo by @chrisaadland for @fin_mag

A photo posted by atelier bingo. (@atelier_bingo) on

This Paris-based graphic design and illustration firm has also dabbled in joyful, colorful ceramics and the results are a serious, stylish departure from the craze for home goods with a vaguely Japanese-Scandinavian influence. Do we see a bit of Memphis design here, even? We know they're not ceramicists, per se, but they do design the heck out of earthenware. Bonus: If you're interested in their print work, you can purchase it from their Etsy shop.

4. Helen Levi

All this and more will be added to my shop today at noon NY time // link in profile

A photo posted by Helen Christgau Levi (@helen_levi) on

A Brooklyn-based ceramicist, Levi's work is all about bringing earth tones to your kitchen. Mugs, bowls, cups, and more come in a variety of striated colors that take on a desert vibe, looking at times more geological than decorative. You can take a look at her process over on her Instagram page.

5. Cassie Griffin

A photo posted by Cassie Griffin (@cassiepizza) on

A photo posted by Cassie Griffin (@cassiepizza) on

The quirky, drooping, splotchy forms thrown by potter Cassie Griffin (that's @cassiepizza on Instagram) may not sound super appealing on paper, but the work is eye-popping and a nice shift away from some of the more demure, decorous forms in the ceramics world. This one goes out to the folks who like to keep things a little funky.

6. Milo Liren, Milo Made Ceramics


A photo posted by milo.made (@milo.made.ceramics) on

Liren, who is based in London, is a set designer and model maker with a ceramics side hustle. Liren's gorgeous work incorporates a bunch of looks and trends—pastels! star system-style freckles! colorful shapes!—in surprising, fun ways. See more over at the Milo Made site.

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