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9 must-follow Instagram accounts for plant lovers

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From cacti to philodendrons, we've got you covered

Living room with two windows, brown sofa, patterned carpet, and lots of plants.
A Brooklyn-based creative director’s living room is alive with plants, which he waters once a week.
Gabriela Herman

If you know where to look, Instagram isn't just a source of inspiration for the midcentury furniture obsessed, or those with a particularly strong passion for ceramics and minimalism. Amid images of lattes, puppies, and general design eye candy, there's also plenty to gorgeous foliage to swoon over.

Today we're shining a spotlight on nine of the best Instagram accounts for plantspiration. And, if this whets your appetite for all things houseplant, head on over to our guides for how and where to buy plants online.

1. @minlor

2. @dandyfarmer

3. @freakebana

4. @plantsonpink

5. @thejungalow

6. @thewhiitehouse

7. @haarkon_

8. @dabito

9. @nicole__patel