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Researchers Create 'Green Concrete' Out of Carbon Dioxide

The invention is called "CO2NCRETE"

Scientists at UCLA have reportedly created a concrete substitute that would be made with carbon dioxide emissions from smokestacks, taking, in the words of one of the scientists, "something that we have viewed as a nuisance—carbon dioxide that’s emitted from smokestacks—and turn it into something valuable." So far the concrete has only been produced at a lab scale, but it already has a name—"CO2NCRETE"—which does raise some questions about how that word is pronounced. Is it see-oh-too-on-kreet? Or see-oh-ton-kreet? Or something else? We hope that this thing becomes at least popular enough that we hear somebody who knows what they're talking about say it out loud (and also that it saves the word).

UCLA scientists make green concrete with captured CO2 [GCR]