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Exclusive: 3D Tour of an Unbuilt Villa by Louis Kahn

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This radical courtyard-style home offered a model for light-filled living outside Philadelphia

As preeminent Modernist Louis Kahn once wrote, “a society of rooms is a good place to live, work, learn." His unrealized plans for this courtyard home, a villa outside Philadelphia, seem to exemplify this belief. As the architect noted, “I can’t define a space as a space unless I have natural light," which this unique form, a standard cube unfolded into a series of angular rooms and spaces, offers in abundance. “Sometimes the interior wants to move out and break the walls,” Kahn said. “I felt this was rather a discovery in the desires of interiors.”

Designed for Mr. and Mrs. Morton and Mitzi Goldenberg at a site in Rydal, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, this unrealized villa by Kahn wraps about a central core, with a series of angled, single-pitched roofs emphasizing the atrium at the heart of the home. Created during the early months of 1959, the building offers an interpretation of the patio-style home, with sloping forms that would have provided extensive sunlight.

This virtual tour was created by Archilogic, a firm that specializes in creating 3D models for architecture and real estate, and allows users to upload floorplans and create their own virtual tours. Check out their tours of unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright projects, including the Ralph Jester House and the Dr. Hugh Pratt Home. Last week, Archilogic officially released, which allows users to create their own virtual tours by signing up here.