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Gorgeous Tiny House Boasts 14 Windows and Nifty Storage Stairs

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Let there be light

The latest tiny home design from Portland-based tiny house builders Shelterwise is also supposed to be its simplest yet. Compared to other models, the "Hikari Box"—named after the Japanese word that means "light-filled"—eliminates some complicated roof details and places all the plumbing in one corner of the structure. The streamlined design doesn't mean less style, however, because there's plenty of that tucked into this 184-square-foot home.

Showered in light from its impressive 14 windows (two are skylights), Hikari Box fits in two loft beds, one of which includes built-in bedside shelf and is accessed via nifty Japanese-inspired Tansu storage stairs. The perfectly-proportioned bar by the kitchen, as well as the compact sink and cabinet combo in the bathroom add some extra sophistication. Intrigued? The plans are available here.